Expect Two New BlackBerry Smartphones From Optiemus This Quarter

BlackBerry Licensee Optiemus, the company that designs and manufacturs BlackBerry branded smartphones in the Indian region, is looking to get ambitious this quarter and release two new BlackBerry smartphones. They are currently going by the names Ghost and Ghost Pro, and they will be  among the first of many BlackBerry smartphones released throughout this year by them. As a matter of fact, they have a robust line of BlackBerry smartphones planned for this year. Hardip Singh, Executive Director at Optiemus had this to say regarding the matter:

We are going to come out with a whole range of models starting with two this quarter. And during the year, we have more models planned out in the coming quarters. We have a strong pipeline of models which we will be bringing in and they will be at various price points.”

Optiemus is looking to gain a 10-12 percent market share in the price segments it intends to launch its new line of BlackBerry branded smartphones in. Evan Blass, a well known leakster had given us a sneak peek in February of this year into the design of the BlackBerry Ghost. Going by that render, the BlackBerry Ghost is slated to have a taller, 18:9 bezel-less display.  The second device, hinted at by Mr. Singh, could be the BlackBerry Ghost Pro, which appears to have a wider and shorter form factor of the more traditional 16:9 display.

Not much else is known about these two new BlackBerry smartphones, except that they will both sport full touch screens, and will have all of the BlackBerry apps we’ve come to know and love preinstalled. However, when speaking about the premium price tag that BlackBerry devices seem to command, Hardip Singh had this to say:

You cannot analyse a Blackberry device based solely on the specs. We feel that the specs that we are putting into the phone are optimum for it. You cannot single out a specific hardware choice and state the device is overpriced. It doesn’t work like that. Blackberry, being Blackberry, will always fetch a premium. The cheapest Mercedes will still sell for Rs 25 lakhs and not at the price of a Maruti. Similarly, you can’t expect a Blackberry to come at a really cheap price, because there are some basic things we need to do to make a Blackberry into a Blackberry. The reason that Blackberry devices are priced higher is that of the basic Blackberry DNA — Privacy, security, and convenience. These three are a given in any Blackberry device. Even if the price is Rs 20,000 or Rs 40,000.”

As more information is made available about the two new BlackBerry branded smartphones from Optiemus, we will be sure to let you know about it here at UTB. In the meantime, drop a line or two in the comments section and let us know your thoughts on these two new BlackBerry branded smartphones.




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