Even Motorola is Taking Jabs at Apple

We are used to Samsung and Microsoft taking jabs at Apple. With Apple’s latest “innovations” other’s are jumping on he bandwagon.

We’ve watched as Samsung have continuously taken on the Apple iPhone head on in various advertising campaigns, even going so far as using John Chen’s “wall huggers” comment.

Microsoft has finally returned fire on from the old Mac vs PC computers with Cortana taking on Siri.

Now, even Motorola is taking a jab in the latest Moto Mods advertisement. In the advertisement, a focus group of iPhone users is put together to be shown the Moto Z and the various Moto Mods. The trick is that the focus group is told they’re looking at prototypes for the new iPhone.

Before they’re shown the “prototype”, they’re asked what they thought of Apple’s announcement. They’re response should be of no surprise.

Mr. Cook, it’s time to come to terms with a simple fact. When it comes to a point that everyone feels comfortable making fun, it means that you’ve become an easy target.


On a tangent, I must admit I like the idea of modular phones, although at this point in time, they appear to be dead on arrival. Google has pulled the plug on Project Ara, and the Moto Z is cursed with being manufactured by Motorola, ensuring there will be no timely updates. And more than likely, no updates at all. How do you feel about modular phones? If the time came when BlackBerry produced a modular phone, would you jump on board?


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