Euro Dollar Rupee Yen Pound

Euro Dollar Rupee Yen Pound

I have a number of close friends living in other countries. We keep in touch by BBM (of course!). It is that time of year when we like to give friends a little gift to let them know we are thinking of them. Because international shipping is an expensive pita, I prefer to just give them a little monetary gift. Thanks to BlackBerry and PayPal I can send money via BBM. BBM PayPal is not (yet) supported in every country, however, where it is available, the process is simply and fun. If you have far-flung family and friends you wish to get on BBM, money they can only get with BBM is one possible way. See the links below for more information:

BBM PayPal Appears For UK & US Users
Video of BBM with PayPal in Action!
BBM Partners With Paypal And Looks to Expand Globally – 


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  • newcollector

    A great and secure way to send money. Faster than a money order and better than a traveler’s check.

  • Reverend Grim

    Good thinking sending as Paypal over Christmas, by the way, have you got my email to send my gift? Wink wink!

  • Anthony

    BBM is the cool way to send money.