Not Even Gamers are Safe as ESEA is Hacked

ESEA was hacked, and 1.5 million users information has now been leaked.

Back in December, the popular esports community ESEA was hacked. In this security breach, 1.5 million users have had their information compromised.

The hackers had demanded that ESEA pay them a ransom of $100,000 or they would release or sell the user’s data. ESEA, under the advice of legal council, refused to pay the hacker’s ransom. The hacker’s continued their demands through January 6th. On January 7th, the hackers breached an ESEA game server, and was able to edit the community feedback system. On January 8th, the hackers leaked the user data.

The information leaked includes usernames, email addresses, private messages, IPs, mobile phone numbers, forum posts, hashed password and secret questions/answer. ESEA have stated that they have found the vulnerability and have patched it. While this may help protect users against future breaches, this does nothing to ensure the safety of those users that have had their information made public.

User’s that have been affected by this breach should immediately go about checking their credentials with other services. Even though we all know that we should not be using the same logins on different sites, it seems many users still do. Information gleaned from this breach could potentially be used to get in to other accounts which belong to users.

Unfortunately, as we have seen from the mobile space, cybersecurity often takes a back seat to other priorities with most companies. Luckily for us BlackBerry users, we know what it is like when a company places security first. We can only hope that other companies and brands we use, follow BlackBerry’s example in the future.



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