Spread the Word: Eric Lai Corrects Good’s Bad Misconceptions.

Eric Lai Clears Misconceptions About BlackBerry BES 10, Mobileiron and Good

A picture is worth 1,000 words: Eric Lai gives his verdict on Mobileiron and Good.

It’s nice to see John Chen is a man of his word, in this instance through Inside BlackBerry’s own Eric Lai, who goes through in great detail why Enterprise IT should be more concerned about the future of Mobileiron and Good than BlackBerry’s.  Here’s how Eric begins his piece:

For businesses deciding on their mobile management strategy, it’s vital that they weigh the security technology as well as all of the other risks, including the health of their potential suppliers. At BlackBerry, we’ve taken a few lumps over the latter, especially from our rivals in the Enterprise Mobility Management space, who have the transparent motive of trying to steal away the tens of thousands of companies that rely on BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

Naturally, our critics never acknowledge the good things that are happening at BlackBerry. Things like the fact we’ve gained more than 800,000 licenses to BES since March in part because of its low Total Cost of Ownership; that we’ve just launched a cost-competitive new phone to a positive reception; that we’re enhancing our BlackBerry 10 OS and licensing access to industry giants such as AirWatch, IBM, SAP and Citrix. We’re even teasing consumers with a tasty new device or two.

Those of us who know the power and potential of BlackBerry 10 have watched BlackBerry’s competitors make false and/or misleading claims everywhere from the media, carrier reps, to their competitors who fuel the FUD mantra of “BlackBerry is finished”.  We’ve had to endure these false claims while BlackBerry largely remained silent… until Chen took the helm as CEO.  Almost immediately he penned an open letter outlining his vision for turning around the company and took a few shots at his competitors immediately (I highly recommend going back to read this letter now in hindsight: Open Letter from John Chen).  And when T-Mobile put out its awful promotion to entice BlackBerry users to switch mobile platforms, Chen ignored his taunts on Twitter and ended BlackBerry’s relationship with T-Mobile.  At this point, the message was clear:  BlackBerry isn’t going to take this kind of abuse anymore.  With this latest post from Eric Lai, it’s nice to see that Chen has a few wingmen in the company.

I recommend reading the entire piece, and then forward the link to friends and family who believe “BlackBerry is finished”.  Changing negative perceptions of the company is probably one of the most important ways Chen is going to successfully execute BlackBerry’s return to its rightful place in the market so if you share this belief, please help spread the good news with the power of ‘word of mouth’!

What do you think of the new, more aggressive BlackBerry that isn’t afraid to respond to its critics and show off?  Discuss more in our forums.