Fails: Apple Edition


This has been a long week of Apple news. iPhonians are are excited for their new phone! The easy thing to do at this point would be to do a review of the week’s news, but honestly, I’m a bit tired of hearing about the phone and watch. I was tired of hearing about it before Apple even completed the announcement. There were some things that I found interesting though. Let’s run down my list of Epic Fails Of The Week!

Apple Streams Their Big Announcement: … or not. The build up was intense! For some. Unfortunately, the live stream was only available on Apple devices, which doesn’t seem that smart if you’re trying to get non-Apple users to come on board. But for those that were allowed to stream it ran in to problems. The stream was cutting out, was low quality, and strangely enough, many viewers reported that a Mandarin Chinese translation played in the background during Tim Cook’s presentation.

iPhone Pre-Order Crashes Online Store: Apple is expecting record sales of the iPhone 6, so wouldn’t you expect them to be prepared for it? Of course, this is also the company who stated their cloud service was working as expected as celebrities private pics were being traded online. And of course, their store crashed. What is it iPhonians like to say? It just works? It just didn’t.  (source)

And It Shall Be Named?: The iWatch? The Apple Watch? The Apple iWatch? When was the last time you saw a big media announcement for a product that didn’t have a name yet? How about some truth in advertising? Let’s call it the  “iAm Collecting All Your Information Now Wrist Band.”

Retailers Love Apple Pay: Not so much. The biggest U.S. retailer Wal-Mart, and my favorite store to play in Best Buy have both confirmed that they will not be supporting Apple pay. (source)

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: The biggest fail of the week. The best iPhone ever made, just can compete with current phones. Let’s look at the features announced that Apple thinks will keep their phone on top. Bigger size, wow, they are the last phone company to do this. NFC, yes, again, old tech that they are the last to add to their phones, and which will be a crippled version, which will only allow for payment, and not for any file transfers. And… yeah. That’s about it.

The buildup to the iPhone 6 announcement was the equivalent of telling a child their going to Disneyland and then taking them to an abandoned park that only has a rusted out merry-go-round.


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