We may know by now that the Blackberry audio experience is bordering on awesome. After putting my Z30 through the rigors of a full day of work I’ve been known to play a movie or listen to music during my down-time. I currently have around 40 HD movies saved to my micro SD card and 120 songs. Being a curious sort I was wondering if others enjoy listening to music on their BlackBerry (aside from streaming)? If so, what source do you use? Do you use the built-in speakers or run the sound through wired or bluetooth speakers? If so, what would you recommend for a wired or bluetooth speaker (and the price)?




When it comes to movies do you watch on the screen or run it to a television (TV)? If you run it through a TV what is your preferred method and why – HDMI out, miracast dongle, WIFI direct (pros & cons)?

Feel free to list your preferences- there are no right or wrong.

Also don’t hesitate to share any ‘Tips or Tricks’ you find helpful


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