Enterprise IT Dept Asks Employees NOT To Upgrade To iOS8

iOS8 Upgrade Fail

Remember all the hoo-haa when the Apple/IBM partnership was launched?

How it was going to knock BlackBerry out of the park?

How iPhonians chuckled and wondered why BlackBerry even bothered?

Here’s why.

In the last year there have been roughly 5 updates to BlackBerry 10. Each one has come with new enhancements and features. Each one has moved the OS on in leaps and bounds. And each one has worked with ALL BlackBerry 10 devices on the market from the Z10 onwards. In other words, they’ve all been backwards compatible and tested.

And, crucially, the phone has carried on working.

Compare that then to these words from an IT Dept, a copy of which was sent to us earlier today from a company chock full of iPhone 5’s:


We suggest that you don’t do the update to iOS8.0
Doing so may result in your email on your phone not working anymore.

If you have already done the update don’t worry.
Contact us and we’ll fix it this you.

What a damning indictment indeed.

Why should companies be wasting time and money chasing after slovenly company’s who, at best, can’t be bothered to test their own product and, at worst, want it to break so you have to buy another? Why should they lose the money earned by Employees who now can’t email until their phone is fixed? Who the hell decided an iPhone was a good idea in a business environment anyway?

It’s not.

You get the upgrade, it breaks your phone. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

So, IBM, how you gonna fix that one?

Maybe before you start working with Apple you should get your staff a BlackBerry each?

They’ll be needing something reliable to work with.


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