Enter to Win a Free BlackBerry Leap from UTB Blogs!

We had a lot of fun giving away a Passport not too long ago, and we thought it was time that we try another giveaway.

If only there was some great new phone to give away.

Oh wait! There is!

The BlackBerry Leap, the exciting new all touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone!


We’ve managed to get our grubby little hands on one, and we would never consider subjecting something as classy as a BlackBerry to any kind of extreme drop test, so what should we do with it then? Of course, give it to a lucky reader!!

And we’re going to do things a bit different this time! Several entrants took the time to tell us about themselves last time, and made reading those comments a pleasure. It gave us a little insight in to our readers.


And this time we want MORE!

So, this time, we are asking you to comment in our forums. And not just a ‘gimme the phone’ comment, we want to know who you are. Introduce yourself, tell us what phone you’re using, why you want the BlackBerry Leap, heck, even your favorite color of ice cream if you like.


So here’s the rules,

One entry per person. Conversation is welcome, and wanted, but more comments won’t give more entries. Saying you want the phone 50 times still enters you only once. Hear that Blane?

This is a GSM phone. Sorry Verizon and Sprint folks, there’s nothing we could do. Please check and make sure the phone will work on your carrier.

If you do choose to just leave a ‘gimme the phone’ comment, you shall still be entered to win, but then you’re a guaranteed winner of the angry scowl of Bigglybobblyboo! And I might even roll my eyes at you.

The phone is bought and paid for, the shipping is covered, but if you live somewhere that likes to throw those unwanted tariffs on electronics being shipped to you, that will be up to you.

As before, the drawing will be at random and done in a way that you can see is random and fair. I’m hoping Sophia chooses again, but Robert’s still complaining about making all those little pieces of paper!

So head on over to UTB Forums, sign up and sign in, and introduce yourself in this thread. And then look around and join in the community. We don’t bite. Much…

The contest will run until May 15th. And no, there’s no particular reason for that date other than the fact that 5/15/15 reads the same forwards or backwards.

If you use a Microsoft e-mail (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc) you may run in to issues getting the confirmation e-mail. If that happens, e-mail admin@utbblogs.com and we will get you set up ASAP. But please remember, Robert and I do sleep, rarely it seems, but we do, and of course always separately, and it may take a few hours to hear a response, but you’ll get one.



Writing a comment is not an entry!

You need to enter the contest here-

UTB LEAP Contest


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When I’m not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you’ll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • Anthony

    Gimme the Leap. locco_smiley_6

    • Brad

      Biggly’s asleep, but I assure you I’m rolling my eyes at you! Whoa!! Dizzy!

    • razrrob

      Anthony, please use the link to enter- UTB Leap Contest

  • TanLoch

    This is for my looking, l love BlackBerry and full touch. My device (Z10) Battery very bad, so very Happy if receive a Giveaways from Admin.
    Thanks so much, Wish you always success!

    • Brad

      Awesome TanLoch! Be sure to enter in the forums! That’s where the contest is taking place. :)

    • razrrob

      Hi TanLoch, here is the link to enter- UTB Leap Contest

  • nnik

    Damn! Wish I could enter! Good luck to you all!

  • Wayno

    Hi guys, I am located in Sydney Australia and currently using the best phone in the market, a beautiful black Passport but would love to LEAP ahead and get BlackBerry’s latest full touch offering. Please enter me in the draw, and good luck to all the other entries…….NOT!!! Haha.

    • Brad

      Hey, I’m on a Passport but I still want a Leap! And a Classic, and a slider, and a….

    • razrrob

      Wayno, please use the link to enter – UTB Leap Contest

  • ajackman

    Wow I like to talk guys but I’ll try to keep it short. Let’s see I was born in Guyana South America and came to the United States at the age of 11. I’m an artist who is truly in love with BlackBerry and everything the do. My dream job would be a BlackBerry designer of whatever they would let me get my magical hands on. I’m currently using a BlackBerry Passport and love it but I remember my first BB10 device the Z10 and there is so much I miss about it, my Passport fills most of those voids with its touch enabled keyboard but there is just something about the all touch that’s great and it would be awesome to have one to switch too when I have that itch. So if you guys see fit to let me have it I would be forever grateful. I rocks with UTB…

    • Brad

      Wow! Great comment. Now cut and paste it to forums so you’ll be entered in to the competition. :)

    • razrrob

      ajackman, here’s the link to enter- UTB Leap Contest

  • Garg2k7

    Configuration of BlackBerry Leap is very good. It will be nice to have in my Hands. I have BlackBerry z10 but want this.

  • Poita316

    “Now, this is the story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute, it will be marry
    I’ll tell you why I I’d love to win that BlackBerry”

    Hi guys,

    I’m Peter Fox, 34 from The Netherlands. Now living in a small town near Rotterdam. Living there from over 8 years after moving there from Amsterdam.
    I’m happily married and the proud father of a 8 week old son Brady. And this is where my wish to with the Leap starts.

    Since the birth of our son, my wife and I have been a lot more active on our devices. Me on my Passport, she on her Samsung S5. Yes I’m now married to a Droidster but she was a BlackBerry user at one point with the 9700 she dumped due to the app gap… Since our communication skyrocketed she noticed her precious Galaxy wasn’t that stellar when it came to battery life. As where I would go on for 2 or sometimes 3 days on a charge, she’d be hugging the wall and not our son.
    Also she was quit surprised about the quality of the pictures. And to top it all off she got the latest update making it even slower than it already was.
    She than saw the light I saw so many years ago and she said she wanted to know more about my Passport. I let her play with it and she spoke the words “I might get a BlackBerry instead of the Samsung S6”
    I of course was rejoicing!
    I gave her my Dev Alpha to play with, loaded all her Android apps and she was sold.
    So, if I was the lucky winner, I’d give it to my wife so she can enjoy her device as it should be, and she can enjoy time with our son more and also use Story Maker as I did to capture and share all the wonderful moments of her motherhood.
    And she, Brady and I would be very thankful.

    A proud dad and a loyal BlackBerry user.

    • razrrob

      Poita316, here is the link to enter- UTB Leap Contest

      PS- congrats on the new addition!

  • sfor13thlegion

    Hi there.

    I’m a proud BlackBerry user and have been for close to decade.

    I’m writing from Canada and currently use a White BlackBerry Z10, which never leaves my side and has never let me down.

    I’d love to win a Leap, simply to gift it to my lady who is still using her trusty Bold 9900, that she loves and never leaves her side.

    Thx UTB blogs for another wonderful contest and the awesomeness of your blogs locco_smiley_29 locco_smiley_29

  • Habs_fan

    Currently I’m using the passport which I love! Running the 10.3.2 leak which makes it even better. I’m also in the Military and the passport isn’t so great to carry around in a pocket out in the field 24/7 so having the leap would make it a little easier to have a BlackBerry in the field

  • Varun Shah

    Hi everyone.

    I am Varun Shah. Probably you all may know me. I was the lucky person to receive BlackBerry Passport from ‘The Great UTB Passport Giveaway Contest.’ :D Seriously it was dream come true for me.

    Its been 6 months from winning it. I have been preparing for my exams which are in May, thats why not got time to use passport very much. But I am extremely satisfied with few times i have used it. ‘The best device on earth’ is the best compliment I got from my friend after seeing my device. This was one of many compliments that I got.

    Salute to UTB Team for such transparency in a giveaway. Thanks for bringing Blackberry Leap Contest. Another great device from Blackberry. Off course I want a device like Leap because its a full touch screen, mixture of Blackberry Z3 and Blackberry Z30, and many more cool features. It would be a perfect addition to my cool collection of Q10, Z3 and Passport.

    But I think so, I must not be soo greedy. I already won a device earlier. I think this time some other luck person should get it. Also I have not used passport fully. After exams all I will do is to explore features of my passport.

    All the best participants. You all have entered in the most transparent giveaway of all time. Fingers crossed. :D

    Wish you UTB Team good luck. Thanks once again. :)

    • razrrob

      Good to hear from you Varun and best wishes with your exams next month!

  • Judy

    Good day to all from Alberta, Canada. I’ve been using my white z10 since the day it was released in Feb 2013. Hands down the best smartphone ever aside from my BlackBerry Torch. I would totally love to win this because everyone in my house are crapple users and I’m the only smart one not to use that icrap. It would be so awesome to when the new BlackBerry Leap to throw it in there faces and also to the ones who always say “no one uses a BlackBerry anymore” like to flip them all the bird. Good luck to all! Cheers

  • Brad

    Just a reminder to everyone, the contest is actually taking place in the forums. Feel free to comment here, but don’t forget to comment in the forum thread linked in the post to enter the contest! Good luck!

  • rfxshrimp

    Hello my name is Antonis ( Anthony ) and I’m from Greece and live at the island of Kos, my first smartphone was a z10 back in the summer of 2013. Since then I had bought my second BlackBerry Q5 which was stolen at the summer of 2014 , then I returned to my Z10 after I replaced my screen,and before 5 months my z10 just died and I decided to try Android with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha but Im not that impressed, ok it has a fast processor , a good camera , many apps but I miss the fluid and snappy os of the QNX based BlackBerry 10. I hope I’ll be the one who will be selected for the BlackBerry Leap and I would thank UTB Blogs for giving me a chance to have a BB10 device again.

  • dungdv.hti

    l love BlackBerry and but i don like full touch. My device (Q10) I love it, love qwerty. But i want enjoy new device to love it so very Happy if receive a Giveaways from Admin.
    Thanks so much, Wish you always success!
    I live in VietNam, so far but love not far for BlackBerry

  • Akinni

    I’m all the way for BlackBerry. I’ve been an ardent promoter.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Hello everyone I don’t need a Leap, if you pick my name just toss it out and pick another. LOL!! I love my twin Passport :P

    • razrrob


      Don’t you have a family member who might appreciate the BlackBerry love?

  • bambinoitaliano

    Don’t get me started fighting with my family about BlackBerry. I am rewriting my will and give no money away except each will get a BlackBerry device. That will teach them!

    • razrrob

      then they can fight with each other over BBM after you’re gone

  • Akinni

    I’ve tried to enter the contest but it’s asking to subscribe to the forum. Is my current username and password valid or it’s another set up again!

  • Atmari

    I’d love to get a leap! I’ll get my BlackBerry collection prettier. I use all of my phones