Enter to Win a Free BlackBerry Leap from UTB Blogs!

We had a lot of fun giving away a Passport not too long ago, and we thought it was time that we try another giveaway.

If only there was some great new phone to give away.

Oh wait! There is!

The BlackBerry Leap, the exciting new all touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone!


We’ve managed to get our grubby little hands on one, and we would never consider subjecting something as classy as a BlackBerry to any kind of extreme drop test, so what should we do with it then? Of course, give it to a lucky reader!!

And we’re going to do things a bit different this time! Several entrants took the time to tell us about themselves last time, and made reading those comments a pleasure. It gave us a little insight in to our readers.


And this time we want MORE!

So, this time, we are asking you to comment in our forums. And not just a ‘gimme the phone’ comment, we want to know who you are. Introduce yourself, tell us what phone you’re using, why you want the BlackBerry Leap, heck, even your favorite color of ice cream if you like.


So here’s the rules,

One entry per person. Conversation is welcome, and wanted, but more comments won’t give more entries. Saying you want the phone 50 times still enters you only once. Hear that Blane?

This is a GSM phone. Sorry Verizon and Sprint folks, there’s nothing we could do. Please check and make sure the phone will work on your carrier.

If you do choose to just leave a ‘gimme the phone’ comment, you shall still be entered to win, but then you’re a guaranteed winner of the angry scowl of Bigglybobblyboo! And I might even roll my eyes at you.

The phone is bought and paid for, the shipping is covered, but if you live somewhere that likes to throw those unwanted tariffs on electronics being shipped to you, that will be up to you.

As before, the drawing will be at random and done in a way that you can see is random and fair. I’m hoping Sophia chooses again, but Robert’s still complaining about making all those little pieces of paper!

So head on over to UTB Forums, sign up and sign in, and introduce yourself in this thread. And then look around and join in the community. We don’t bite. Much…

The contest will run until May 15th. And no, there’s no particular reason for that date other than the fact that 5/15/15 reads the same forwards or backwards.

If you use a Microsoft e-mail (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc) you may run in to issues getting the confirmation e-mail. If that happens, e-mail admin@utbblogs.com and we will get you set up ASAP. But please remember, Robert and I do sleep, rarely it seems, but we do, and of course always separately, and it may take a few hours to hear a response, but you’ll get one.



Writing a comment is not an entry!

You need to enter the contest here-

UTB LEAP Contest


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