Enjoying BBM Stickers? We Are!

They're BIG!
They’re BIG!


So if you haven’t yet downloaded your BBM update here they are in full technicolour!

They work just like your emoticons but be warned, once you press them, they’re gone.

Even your Gran won’t miss these bad boys and we have to report that all the gang from UTB have already gone a bit daft and spent a couple of dollars (or more) on some more already, here’s an example of the WWF ones with Hulk Hogan in full regalia…

Is It Hulk?
Is It Hulk?

Anyway, great start and we’ve also found the usual little extras that our naughty friends at BlackBerry haven’t told anyone about (Chat filters anyone) in the new update.

Either way, get stickering!

It’s #BlackBerryUnleashed !

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