England Will Offer Cyber Security Lessons to Students

Children in England will be able to opt in and take new lessons in cyber security.

The world is starting to wake up to the threats people face every time they log into their computers. England decided to take a defensive approach with their strategy. They will soon implement cyber security courses to help train up a new generation of tech-savvy experts.

This new curriculum will be a five year plan that will allow students 14 and up to participate in these courses. They will be four hours each week, and hope to reach 5,700 students.

The funding for this new program is coming from the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport. They have earmarked £20m to get this curriculum going. The concern over the country’s cyber security have only grown, and this program is England’s proactive response.

This plan does not stop at the secondary level, there are also strategies to implement apprenticeships and employment placement to make sure these students that show an interest and an aptitude find the jobs that will best serve the country’s needs.

Attacks against the UK have increased substantially in recent history. It is reported that their infrastructure has been a target of Chinese and Russian attacks with almost 200 attacks in a few months. Monthly attacks number in the dozens.

This strategy will help England position their future tech staffers to better strengthen their digital defenses.




Erica Davis

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