Elon Musk Takes Down Facebook Pages Following #DeleteFacebook

Musk responds to Twitter users asking for his support on Facebook.

The delete Facebook movement has become one of the biggest moments in social media history. The ascension of the social media giant has led to a sudden downfall as users discovered how intrusive the company has become.

UTB has been chronicling some of the key points of this movement as we are a group focused on privacy and security; two things Facebook’s practices violate. Recently we learned just how much information Facebook tracked on its users, most of which had nothing to do with how Facebook was being used.

Now, inventor and entrepreneur, Elon Musk has answered a call-to-action from Twitter users asking him to take down the Facebook pages for SpaceX, Tesla, and his public page. Less than an hour after the challenge was initiated, the Facebook pages for all three were removed. They had over 2.5 million followers each before they were pulled, but Musk dropped them as a show of opposition to the data mining and trafficking of our personal information.

Many users believe that giving up our privacy is the price we must pay to stay connected in a modern culture. The problem isn’t necessarily that Facebook has an unfathomable amount of access to our data. The problem is that they took that access, used our vulnerability, amplified it, marketed it, and made a profit from us.

However, vulnerability does not equal consent.

Lets hope someday, we can all quote Elon with sincerity:


Erica Davis

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