After effects of Equifax hack


Recently it was revealed that Equifax was hacked and ~143 million people had their personal information placed at risk. Things like dates of birth and Social Security numbers – things that cannot be changed. Here at UTB we’ve been shouting about Privacy and Security for over 3 years. BlackBerry whose Enterprise system has never been hacked. BlackBerry who supplies services to 16 of the G20 members. BlackBerry who provides services to the largest global financial, legal, and military services in the world.

Unfortunately it’s a tad too late as the cat is out of the bag but our dear politicians have decided to step in and have a look at what went wrong. I’m not entirely convinced that they will come up with a solution that will address the root-cause but it’s a baby step in the right direction.

What changes do you think Equifax and other data agencies should invoke to prevent this from happening again? Also, does Equifax have any liability in this?



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