Edward Snowden Launches Haven, Another Copycat App

Snowden fans are excited to see whistleblower launch a new app. Don’t expect anything new.

Government whistleblower and Russian resident Edward Snowden has launched a new app with The Guardian Project and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Fans of Snowden should be excited to see him actually produce something besides commentary on Twitter, but I have a feeling hey will quickly be disappointed to find that there is just nothing new here.

The app is named Haven, and turns an Android phone into an IP camera. You can use an old phone, or even run out and buy yourself a cheap burner phone just for this purpose. The phone, with this app works just as you would expect an IP camera to work. It’s a nice idea, but it’s not an original idea.

The moment I heard of this app, I immediately remembered another app that I remember from BB10 which would provide the user with a way to turn their old BB10 devices into cameras. The app is CCTV Observation Camera by QTHelex and was released in July of 2016. Sadly, I wasn’t able to remember the name of this app, and went searching for it (thanks to Wayno for pointing me in the right direction). But as I was searching for this app, I came across Phido, yet another app from BlackBerry World that once again, would turn your phone into an IP camera. This app though, was released in 2011 and was for BBOS devices. Surprisingly, if you search for android apps that provide the same functionality, you will find a whole collection to choose from.

Snowden’s Haven brings a certain expectation of security to the app, and provides it by utilizing the services of Signal. Signal is a “secure” chat app, which Snowden is essentially a spokesperson for. I do hope he is making some income off of the amount of promoting he does for it.

I imagine Edward Snowden has a lot of free time in his daily routine in Russia. Let’s hope the next time he feels productive, the result is a little more original.


Source: Endgadget


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