E3, Cyberpunk 2077, and the Keanu Surprise

The Hollywood actor delivered a “breathtaking” surprise at the gaming convention.

One of the main reasons fans flock to the E3 convention is for the gaming announcements. Each studio and console bring their own news of titles, developments, and the like to entice us all to yell, “Shut up, and take my money!” This E3 has had some incredible announcements already. The one everyone seems to be talking about involved a certain Hollywood gem, Keanu Reeves.

During the Microsoft Xbox’s event, the audience was shocked when Reeves (aka Neo, aka John Wick, aka Ted Theodore Logan) walked on stage. The reason for this surprise visit: Keanu announced he would be lending his voice to the new title Cyberpunk 2077.

The crowd lost it. As Reeves was describing the aesthetic of the game, he said it was breathtaking. A fan yelled out to him, “You’re breathtaking!” This shows how much the star is adored by his fans. Keanu called back that all of the fans were breathtaking, keeping up with his reputation as a gracious and humble star.

The game developer responded as well. When the fan tweeted about the exchange, CD Projekt Red alerted him to his special prize for his appreciation of the star.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a futuristic, dystopian role playing game from CD Projekt Red. It boasts an expansive world with an undetermined amount of content. Some rumors say the story is so prolific it may become a serial. Others protest that it will simply be a dual disc experience. The graphics will clearly be beautiful as the Reeves exchanges proved. The story promises grit and adventure with the strength and breadth that gamers crave. It will be released on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. Release Date is set for April 16, 2020.

Check out the trailer and leave your thoughts below.


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