E3 2018: What to Expect

2018 is looking to be a great year for gamers at E3.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is likely the biggest gaming convention of the year. Top developers like Sony, EA, Bethesda, and Nintendo use this platform as a chance to market and tease upcoming titles to their gaming audience. The E3 convention begins in just a few days, and news is already trickling in to whet the gamers’ appetites.

Sony is one of the biggest developers for E3, as they not only have game franchises in the mix, they also have their PlayStation console franchise. Earlier this year, we saw information about the upcoming Spider-Man title coming to the PS4 this fall. There will be even more news and gameplay footage of this title at E3. Also promised at E3 is news of the sequel to the popular, yet-far-too-short, game The Last of Us. This post-apocalyptic title with voice talents like Ellen Page became a quick success, and fans have been clamoring for a sequel since it’s release. The original game clocks a lot fewer gameplay hours than most of its genre, but the story and mechanics were a huge hit leaving people wanting MORE.

Electronic Arts (EA) brought my personal favorite, Dragon Age: Origins, to market. And they are on the cusp of releasing information for the latest installment Dragon Age 4. It’s likely too early to see any real content at this year’s E3, but I hope we get a bit more information from it. Bioware, the development firm owned by EA, is working on Anthem in the meantime, and EA promises more on that sci-fi RPG next week. With their success at the similar Mass Effect, this new IP holds a lot of hope for fan.

Bethesda may own E3 this year, though. They recently teased through tweets about a new Fallout titled Fallout 76 debuting at E3. Fallout is one of the largest and most successful gaming franchises of modern IPs. There’s not much known about Fallout 76… but the teaser shows a lot of the charm and whimsy of the former titles. The post-apocalyptic dystopian world endeared fans with its mid-century style and design. The teaser incorporates that and mentions a specific vault that may change everything…

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Erica Davis

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