Dutch Consumer Group Sues Samsung Over Updates


Consumentenbond (the Dutch Consumers’ Association) has filed suit against Samsung for failing to deliver updates to it’s smartphones.

Director Bart Combée explains:

On buying a Samsung Android device, consumers are given inadequate information about how long they will continue to receive software updates. The Consumentenbond is demanding that Samsung provide its customers with clear and unambiguous information about this. Samsung moreover provides insufficient information about critical security vulnerabilities, such as Stagefright, in its Android phones.

While Samsung has committed to rolling out monthly security updates, however, this appears to be only for the newer phones. Consumentenbond points to a survey that details that 82% of Samsung phones are not being provided updates within two years of being brought to market. This is seemingly a way of business in the world of Android, where people quickly discover their phone is not on the list to receive updates. This planned obsolescence seems to be another way in which Android OEM’s are following Apple’s business strategy. While Samsung is not alone in this practice, Consumentenbond states that they are targeting Samsung as they are the market leader.

The purpose of Consumentenbond’s suit, is to force Samsung to deliver updates to phones for two years after purchase. Yes, not two years from introduction, but two years from purchase. This seems unlikely, but it is nice to see actions such as these taking place.

People should expect that their high tech devices will be supported for the life of the device. I daresay we BlackBerry users are spoiled, in that BlackBerry is still updating the original Z10’s and Q10’s which were released back in 2013. However many of us have seen our updates held back by our carriers. Those of us on AT&T here in the US have still not seen the latest update, and I’m beginning to wonder if we ever will.

This brings even more questions to the table. Our service providers should be concerned about the security of their customers, yet continue to withhold updates even when BlackBerry provides the updates to them. I wonder, at which point will consumer groups begin to target carriers?


Source: Neowin


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