Duolingo Offers Klingon Lessons for Free

Learn Klingon in just 5 minutes a day. If you’re in to that.

It’s been a long time in the making, and now Duolingo, a language learning service, is offering it’s new Klingon course for free. The course was put together by a group of volunteers, and offers quick installments to learn the fictional language from Star Trek.

For every subject out there, there are fans, and then there are super fans. Star Trek has always had it’s share of super fans. Even before the San Diego Comicon became a mainstream event, Trekkers would have their own conventions. Before cosplay even had a name, folks would dress up in Federation uniforms. Those that spoke Klingon, well they were in an entire different realm altogether. If you’d like to join them, now is your chance.

Don’t you worry, this isn’t some fly by night slipshod operation that will have you asking for the bathroom when you actually want some Earl Grey tea. The course is officially licensed from CBS Consumer Products.

For now, you can access Duolingo’s Klingon lessons directly from their website. The lessons will be arriving at a later date on their Android and iOS apps. Will you attempt to learn Klingon?


Source: Engadget


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