Dull Old Android Still Can’t Leave 2012

android broken

Over at mobile devs Ebscer they have been collating which OS version of BlackBerry 10 is being used to download their popular Stuff I Need and Pixelated apps. The results are pretty interesting.

We all know people who are terrible at updating. Indeed, only today I grabbed Mrs Biggly’s Z10 (extremely happy with it, doesn’t want it changing, thanks!!) to apply the new Facebook update and found 11 other apps, including BBM, were one or two versions old.


But aside from those who are technically in the dark, BlackBerrians are pretty switched on when it comes to updating their OS. Here’s what Ebscer found to be the OS used by users of Pixelated:


And Stuff I Need:


As you can see, the vast majority of users are on at least 10.2.1 with 10.3 and 10.3.1 spiking. Detractors may say ‘oh well, it looks like 40% haven’t bothered to update to 10.3.1, but as Ebscer themselves point out:

While the percentage of BlackBerry 10 users on the newest OS continued to increase in April, the adoption rate has slowed down significantly as a number of carriers continue to drag their heels on the rollout. 59.9% of Pixelated users, and 70.5% of Stuff I Need users were running OS 10.3 in the past month. So far this has been the slowest rollout for a new BlackBerry operating system since the launch of OS 7 in 2011.

Thanks carriers. Particularly the US ones.

So we should now see these numbers increase rapidly with the release of 10.3.2 in the US (since they’ve been left stuck on 10.2.1 for AGES now). The fact is that BlackBerrians, as a rule, update their OS when they get a chance.


Because it’s worth doing. When you update a BlackBerry, you’re going to get some goodies that are worth having.

Meanwhile, over in Androidia, this is the story as of today:

android 050615

37.4% of users are still on some variant of Jelly Bean (released eons ago), 39.2% have just about made it to Kitty Kat (last years model) and the Lagalot take up is pitiful.


Well, 4 reasons really.

1) The update is ‘unavailable for this device’
2) The update is crap.
3) The update breaks your phone.
4) Just not interested.

Truth is, poor old Android is falling further and further behind.

What does it actually do?

Widgets? Skins? All sounds a bit dull now, doesn’t it?

Where has it innovated in the last 3 years???

It brings nothing to the table except mass marketed old tat. Don’t believe me? Go look at Android sites like Android Central. It’s like stepping back into the Dark Ages with arguments and tips about how to make your battery last a working day (switch everything off), constant meaningless spec wars (when you should really just switch everything off) and constant denial about Google’s well known policy of data mining the lot of them (er, only answer is to switch everything off).

Combine that with cheap hardware to maximise profits (how many Samsungs do you see WITHOUT a cracked screen??) and it’s a pretty poor do all round.

To be fair to Androidians they tend to have a slightly more open mind than iPhonians, even if every time they get a notification their phone goes ‘plop’. That said, if you REALLY want to see what a phone can do, there really is only one answer for my Androidian friends.

Do yourselves a favour.

Switch everything off.

And go get a BlackBerry.


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  • Buy an Unlocked BB10 Smartphone and get your updates OTA directly from BlackBerry. I hate waiting for carriers.

  • web99

    Android has become an administrative mess for Google to handle. Especially with its updates not being applied fast enough and in some cases not being backward compatible for older devices.

    I’m glad that I’m on BB10. Even if the carriers drag their feet on an update, Sachesi has become a lifesaver for me.

  • nnik

    To be fair, a large portion of the cracked screens are likely because it’s kids that buy those phones….. and we all know kids these days don’t really care for their stuff.

  • Anthony

    I don’t see too many Hemdroidians with cracked screens.

    BlackBerry could take the lead and make the latest OS available on their website for any BB10 owner to download. locco_smiley_45

  • Atmari

    Lmfao my wife follows that rule to make her battery last. Switch everything off. And even after that I find it it dies too quick.
    Many times I tell her to accept the file I’m about to send. Bluetooth is off. Let me tap your phone with mine. NFC off. And these are things I don’t pay attention to Unless my phone is at 5%. Always onn

  • I agree that the Android fan base is not nearly as irrationally rabid and annoying as the iOS fans.

    I actually like Android despite the fact that I would never use it. It IS neat that in theory, they have so many hardware options, form factors and features for the same OS or same OS kernel. I alzo like the open source nature of it. Too bad it’s Google behind it and they have turned into a douchebag whose sole purpose is to pimp out their users to advertisers like Facebook does.

    I actually think Google started with the opposite intention as part of their mission, vision and values statements. Oh well. They say “hell is filled with people with good intentions.”