DTEK60 must have accessories!



After the hands on video and Canuckvoip’s post I thought it best to share another video – I promise this will be short and sweet. Since purchasing the DTEK60 (awesome phone, btw) I realized the introduction of the USB C port changed things up a bit. So I went ‘on the line’ (who can name that movie reference??) and did what I do best – shop!

As far back as I can remember I have had a charging cable in my home office and next to my bed. In addition, I’ve had a car charger too. Even with BlackBerry’s legendary battery-life, a heavy user like myself sometimes needs a few extra electrons to make it through the day – and the rapid charger is unbeatable for those situations.


So here is the video – enjoy!


Car chargerShopAndroid.com

Rapid Chargershopblackberry.com

6 foot charging cableAmazon.com


Feel free to comment on any DTEK60 accessories you would use.


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