Drones for Beginners

The DJI Tello meant to be your first Drone.

I took my new DJI Tello for an initial experiment. For a long time I wanted to buy a drone but of course the price of most of the best drones on the market are expensive but there is also the issue of controlling and working with drones.

I made a decision and bought the DJI Tello. This is a small drone which is actually the entry level for the range of DJI, the leading company today in the drone market for private use.

The Tello can stay in the air for about 13 minutes if its battery is full and it can shoot 5 megapixel quality images and shoot at 720p quality video which is quite nice, the price? Worth about $ 150.

If you thinking about your first drone with the goal to acquire advanced drones later in Tello is certainly suitable for the task. It comes with a number of capabilities that add interest but is mostly designed so that you can photograph yourself on trips.

At the basic level, the control is done with your smartphone by Tello’s designated application, and it is relatively fine. Of course, there is a time to adapt which took me about 5 minutes. During this time I managed to flip the Tello into a tree and mow the leaves until the drone just fell.

Then it just was easier when when you want to feel more professional you should purchase a dedicated remote control and thus control more comfortably.

The Tello is small so it is possible to fly it in your garden for training purposes but of course not inside the house or in an area where it can fall into water.

Tello has 2 flight modes, fast and slow. If you stay in slow mode, your control of the drone will be more accurate. In addition it can shoot at 360 degrees, take off from the palm of the hand and also make a cool flip.

After the experience of Tello you will feel like it’s time more complex fliers, of course you will now come with more knowledge and experience in their flying.

Highly recommended.

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