Downloader-App Review

Miciniti developed a native BlackBerry app few months ago for downloading files called Downloader (it is also referred as Download Manager).

How does this app work and what we can do with this app?  The name itself states that this app is for downloading files from your browser on your device itself.  Apart from this, we can also pause, resume and stop some of the files during the download process.

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How does one download video using the downloader app?

First visit any of the website that consists of video that you are planning to download (not for downloading YouTube Videos). Then you need not to copy the link and paste it, using the “SHARE” button and select “DOWNLOADER”  in the options which can be found in the sharing options. Click it and BOOMM!!!  The file gets added directly into the app. If you are downloading videos, you can select category of videos, if it’s document then you can select document and it’s same for rest of all too, select category as per your file category.

You can select the “download” folder either while downloading or you can visit settings and drag the menu down.

The resume option doesn’t works for each and every file. So one has to check it by going into “properties” page of that specific file entry.

You can keep unlimited downloads at a time.

The current version of this app is Downloader  1.0.2

This version brings:

UI changes

Multiple connections per download

Major bug fixes and improvements.


Grab your copy of app from BlackBerry World at Downloader

  • ray689

    Nice. Will definitely give it a shot.

  • Robert

    Interesting. Looks like something I might find useful.

  • nnik

    Cool. But what are the advantages over just saving the file?