DoulCi Turns iCloud Into Putty

I’ve been looking at neighboring blogs and realized something! We’ve been doing it all wrong!! With all the wealth of good news out there for us BlackBerry fans, I’m sure you’ll forgive us that we’ve been focusing on it. But after looking at the other blogs, I guess I need to make some changes! See, we can’t just write about good news apparently. We must write about bad news! And if there is none, we must slant the good news to be bad! And we’ve also got to write about the other phone platforms!

Silly us. You really should have told us we were doing it wrong.

So, let’s break from the good news and have a bad news post and another phone platform post so that we can be a ‘real’ blog shall we? Here we go!


Those heroes hackers with the lovely logo over at DoulCi have just been having a grand time with the iPhone. Showing us exactly what iPhone security measures can do!

Last night I saw it was reported that they have downgraded an iPhone 4s from iOS 7.1 to iOS 5.1.1 without the use of blobs. Now, I don’t really know why anyone would want to downgrade or upgrade an iPhone, and I really don’t understand why anyone would even want to use an iPhone, but I must say, Blobs sound great! And makes me think, with Godzilla roaming through our theaters, isn’t it time someone did a proper remake of The Blob?!?!


Then this morning I hear that Team DoulCi have done what I’ve wished would happen for a long time, and made the iPhone disappear! Although not quite in the way I was hoping. They made it disappear to the Find My iPhone app. In their words, “It’s removed from For ever.” And even supplied a video of it in action!


Select here if on app.

Well, we’re one step closer to a perfect world. What have we learned? That the amazing iPhone security, is putty in the hands of Team DoulCi.

And this, of course, means Apple’s Kill Switch, which the media have been blabbing on about recently as being ‘innovative’ as if they thought it up (BlackBerry Protect, anyone?) UTTERLY USELESS.

So, did I do it right? I did a negative post, and a post about the iPhone. That’s what’s required right?

Oh, I give up, let’s get back to talking about how great BlackBerry is doing!



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