Don’t lose your way. Get a BlackBerry and this app…


My life is mobile. With BlackBerry and Mireo DON’T PANIC, I know the way.

Ever notice how your BlackBerry seems to anticipate your needs? For me, that is part of the BlackBerry Experience. I happen to be on a driving journey just now. I have entered my waypoints into Mireo DON’T PANIC–which is my nav app of choice for my Passport. I have used this app with great results for a number of years but I have wanted some improvements. Specifically, with the maps. Uncannily, while studying my route in the app this morning, my Passport alerted to an update with some of those very improvements. How does my BlackBerry know what I want and manage to give it to me?

Mireo DON’T PANIC is a serious business, professional navigation app. You can download it and get some maps for free, however, to really use it properly I suggest you purchase maps and other content from the in-app store. The maps are loaded on your phone (they can be stored on the media card) so you don’t need to use data for navigation and, you don’t loose map detail when out of mobile coverage. If you change phones, you can recover the purchased content free of charge (except your data usage charges. The app suggests you use Wi-Fi for downloads). The user interface is completely different from any other app I have ever used. It does take some learning. Spend time learning it before you purchase content if you are not sure the interface is right for you. My lady said it reminds her of a nav device we got with a hired (rented) car in England. Once you do understand the user interface, you may find it makes sense for use as a nav device.

If you want to try the app, use BlackBerry World to scan the QR code in the print screen above or, click the link in the first sentence. Get it and enjoy the freedom to go places your BlackBerry gives you. DON’T PANIC! Mireo has you covered.


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