Don’t Know Stocks…..but I can read a graph

What do I know about the stock market? Nothing. But I do know, I think. That this looks good.

bbry stock

That’s BlackBerry stock for the last five days.


So this is a company that is supposed to be dead…yes?

Hmmm. Let’s take a look at Apple for the day


I’m very confused….didn’t Appl just announce the iPhone6 and the iPhone6+ AND a fancy new os?  Haven’t the sheep been lining up for a couple of weeks in anticipation for a phone that, gasp, has been delayed? Yes, its been delayed. I don’t care what the excuses, people will not have it in their hands on the date specified.  Back-ordered due to demand? Give me a break! Apple said the same thing last time they released a phone, when in reality they actually built too many. Clever marketing. Smoke and mirrors. The stock market is slowly reflecting these tricks.

On with the positive, bear with me I don’t have a clue about stocks….. but there is a term or phrase “selling short” basically you are selling stock which you don’t own, you buy these later at a hopefully much lower price and being the smart investor you are, make a killing. Now this all depends on the stocks dropping -don’t forget, you’ve already sold the stocks the you don’t own yet.

What happens if the stock goes up? well your hooped. Find a tall building and jump, that seems to be what is done in these situations.

Enter BlackBerry….. You may remember all the negativity about the future of BBRY (BlackBerry stock) so all these exceptionally smart people short sold all kinds of BlackBerry stock….. hoping to get rich on others backs.

They were wrong. As soon as they started realizing that they were wrong they began trying to manipulate the market by publishing all kinds of garbage and untruths about BlackBerry hoping to affect the stock price. Mind you I can’t prove this, it was all very subtle and quite illegal. I suppose the purpose of my article here is mention how incredible it actually is for a company, any company to pull out of something like this. They not only have to have in infallible product, but also need to over-come consumer perception AND manipulation by forces that have a lot to lose if the company actually succeeds. I say KUDOS, KEEP IT UP




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