Does WhatsApp/ Facebook even matter?


BlackBerry 10 is known for its deep commitment to the privacy of its users. No operating system on the planet, offers deep granular controls to its users in order to restrict the applications. The motivation of Facebook and WhatsApp seems suspect in light of their decision to “dump” the platform claiming it doesn’t offer incremental improvements as it moves towards focusing on other “popular platforms”.

Are these applications really important? Yes and No.

Yes, because of the network effect. WhatsApp is primarily a SMS replacement application that uses your cellular data. This means it is a stunted version of what an Instant Messaging application ought to be. By default, it uses your contact list to populate the users to chat with. This makes it a privacy nightmare since the users are easily susceptible for stalking and other privacy insults. Despite the ability to block, the user can easily be harassed. Its surprising that people choose WhatsApp and refuse to look at alternatives. Bulk of users, find privacy issues restrictive and anachronistic, to their work flow. Their redundancy is what makes it difficult to shift them to a better alternative i.e. BBM.

No, because they are pretty useless in terms of optimizing granular work flow and lack of proper end to end encryption making it useless for regulated industries and compliance. All the more these applications are focused on gathering user data to the maximal extent, such as location, time stamps of messages and running deep searches using algorithms to understand what users are sharing. Miffed with the growing popularity of a rival WhatsApp clone, WhatsApp blocked the access to Telegram in the link sharing and thus censoring the free access of information. This is the monopolistic abuse of dominant position. People (and media) don’t realize that it is harmful for free and federated means of communication in the long run.

The less said about Facebook, the better. Being one of the largest centralized corporations that feeds on user data, this is privacy violated on a massive scale. People don’t realize that safer alternatives to these networks exist- its BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). This is safe, secure, private and easy.

Just set up your BlackBerry ID through your email, confirm it, and sign in with the username and password. Simple. You can invite contacts through email, SMS or just hand over your BBM PIN. Most of us at UTB have our custom PIN’s and we have even started out a movement called as “PING ME”. You give out your custom PIN alone, instead of the phone number and have people sign up and PING you.

These apps don’t really matter- what matters is the change in our outlook for our privacy. It’s heartening that BlackBerry genuinely cares for the users and is fighting back, in addition to reiterating its own commitment for the most secured platform.

Use BBM. Be safe!




BlackBerry Forever!

  • yes it matters.. a lot win u make money using theses sites.. I use it for family.. but still very important #ilovebb10

  • also not only facebook and whatsapp is effected on the 18 blackberry ended support for yahoo messenger and Google talk as well!!

  • fishlove73

    The thing is, companies are quick to go to facebook et al because it cuts their advertising and marketing expenses.. they don’t have to have a full webpage with an array of menu options and then hiring techies to maintain their websites…and the added bonus of riding the “social phenomenon ” wave. It’s cheap marketing for them, they get a good ol’ word of mouth recommendation etc… ALL AT THE EXPENSE of user data collection. Facebook in turn will sell contacts, GPS location etc… data that is far more valuable and more accurate then anything the census Bureau can come up with.
    Personally, my real friends and family can email me pics/ vids, BBM me pics/ vids, even MMS pics, vids etc…and there are no companies I have to “like” and creep up on me like a stalker.

    Device wise…I have not found a phone where I can read/comment on blogs, texting 5-6 friends, BBMing 5-6 other friends, chatting in groups, sending emails ALL while watching a youtube video SIMULTANEOUSLY without any delays or hiccups or glitches. This is all done and from a company with my privacy in mind. An Iphone won’t do it and and S7 won’t do it..they just are simply not capable of multitasking on that level. I won’t leave a device that does that for ANY one particular app. BB10 just does what I need, better than other devices.

  • georgegill

    @FishLove73 I couldn’t have said it better, your last paragraph, it’s spot on and people will never know and understand the big deal about BlackBerry 10, when it comes to multitasking this OS has no competition. I heard some fool from Phone Arena saying the hub is cumbersome and doesn’t understand the purpose for it. Wow how about that, wait until Apple comes up with the same idea and claim it’s a ‘new innovation ‘.


    Facebook / WhatsApp? Exactly how narcissistic, self centered, egotistical, and myopic do we have to be to let the removal of two social apps throw us into a tizzy over whether or not BB10 is going to survive? I have some very bad news for those who have been thunderstruck by this news; What you had for breakfast, what you bought at Walmart, what your neighbours did to raise your ire is just not that important and probably not of much interest to your contact list.

    Holy crap people! Your lives are just not that interesting to anyone but you. Get over yourselves. These are just apps. Their eventual removal from your phones is just an inconvenience not the end of BB10.

  • Anthony

    No, Facebook does not matter. Only the losers on Facebook believe it matters because these losers have the imaginative capabilities of a snail.

    BBM should be better than Facebook for maintaining relations with contacts because many people post their shit and view shit from phones.

    Make a channel. Your contacts will see your day-to-day in their Feed.

    Businesses can make private channels to inform employees. locco_smiley_20