Does The Passport Have A Surprise In Store?


I don’t know about you but many of us here at UTB are getting the funny feeling that there’s something we ALL don’t know.

BlackBerry have been absolutely superb at keeping the details of the Passport under wraps. To date there have pretty much been no demo devices, only days now before launch. Those that have been allowed to handle the device (outside of BlackBerry) have only been allowed to touch it whilst a BlackBerry employee holds it for them (literally – I’m not kidding!) and it has been whipped away once they’ve played with the screen and the keyboard a bit.

You can see how little they get to learn in this ‘errrmmm…’ video from Phone Arena – tip – the left hand isn’t his!

So, what do we know?

We know the keyboard is TRULY ground breaking. You can use it as a trackpad, a word flicker, a mouse, oh, and also a keyboard.
We know the screen is very high resolution
We know the battery is absolutely HUGE – the biggest on the market
We know the specs are GREAT
We know it will still be thin though
We know it will run 10.3

We also have a sneaking suspicion that the model that HAS been leaked in videos in good old fuzzy vision isn’t quite what will be going out there. Why? Because BlackBerry (unlike RIM of old) are showing that they really aren’t stupid. Do you really think that they’d go to all this trouble and let a few get out in the wild knowing full well SOMEONE wouldn’t be able to help themselves?


They are very carefully and VERY skilfully just letting enough out there to whet the appetite.

There’s something we don’t know yet, something they are keeping back.

What could it be?

Less than 45 days to find out…


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  • Rim99

    This article is so interesting to me. About a month ago I had an argument with a well known BB tweeter, who had posted that there were issues with the keyboard on the Passport and people who were using it were having problems…My push back was basically if you are going to post this type of info on Twitter can you provide me sources, numbers of respondents, etc… My point was he was just tweeting out noise. Once I asked him for data that would back up his tweet I got no more responses…Following is my conversation on twitter – I have removed his name as it would be not be good form to post it, not my style, but you may remember this well known BB tweeter’s post from about a month ago…

    Original Tweet: Some Passport leakers are saying the keyboard feels unnatural due to its height and low-profile keys. Hope it’s not a steep learning curve.
    My Response: so why tweet out pure speculation??? We also know final configuration of hardware and software is not 100% yet.
    His response: Hardware is final.
    My response: still speculation, do leakers have final hardware? #Justsaying. I am typically a glass half full guy.
    His response: The images I leaked before it was even officially announced was final hardware. BlackBerry wouldn’t have shown official pics if not
    My response: fair enough. But… Still stand by my other comments.
    His response: That it is some how speculation from people that actually have the device?
    My response: Hi xxxxx, sorry for delay in reply been tied up at work, could you provide me your sample size on this evaluation.
    After my last response there were no further replies.

  • BB Racer !!

    my speculation …is the edges are rounded !!

  • miker476

    The Passport is just so exciting. This might be BlackBerrys finest hour!!!

  • Blackjack

    Yes! The secret is that the keyboard slides into the housing!!

    Why else would they not let you hold it? locco_smiley_28

  • varunsain

    The Passport is just another natural evolution of the old BlackBerry 10 products.. another brick in the wall..

    It’s fair to be excited for the Papport but the true vision is the one in the TAT demos.. sliding screens et all.. and that is what BlackBerry is not showing us.. or hiding from us.. we all have seen everything in bits and pieces.. so put two and two together..

    Not getting that tomorrow or in 45 days of the Passport launch.

    But the Passport is just the best device the world has seen till date..

    Just reading the specs is enough to confirm that it’s already something that the world has not seen but only read about.. 32GB+128GB Storage? Hey Macbook Air users.. that’s still 32GB more just for everything on your phone! A full timemachine backup right on your f****ng BlackBerry!

    BlackBerry uploads to the cloud :D

    I can tell you a 100 things that we have not seen.. but they exist.. if they do not launch tomorrow, do they still exist?

    BlackBerry needs investment. Smart investment which will show us what we cannot even imagine..

    Imagine, BlackBerry Blend?

  • Spade

    try and reframe from cursing…. thanx…

    carry on…