Does size really matter?


As I was reading our blog post by member Ital1 about the new OS update. I sat there wondering when will it be enough? I’m glad BlackBerry is supporting SD cards that high that quick, But let’s be realistic do we really need 128gb plus the 16gb on your phone already? That’s 144gb in storage!!
Lets just say the OS takes up 2-3gigs that’s still 142gb of movies or music or pictures! Don’t get me started on Cloud services. You can get 50gb from dropbox. Now you have 190gb!

Holy crap!!!

Do we really need to carry with us every single song made from the 70’s today? Do we really need 20-30 movies on our phone? I could understand having an hour or 2 of music and maybe just MAYBE 5 videos but with Netflix, Tune in radio or Slacker we have music and videos at our fingertips.
Ok I get it you’re going to tell me that you have no service or you don’t want to use up all your data, no wifi… I get it…
So why don’t we just ask BlackBerry to build us a 128gb phone and add another128gb card and we have 256gb! YAY! The more the merrier… I don’t know about you but I have 64gb sd card and I only use about 15-20gb and that’s movies music and pictures!
Can you please tell me in the comments below what you do with all that storage?


Work in Progress!