Does my Passport look too big in this?


It appears that Jonathan Kay at the National Review has passed judgement for you ladies on what your opinion should be of the Passport. I think he has declared it to be too big for you.
My reaction is that he may be making a few generalizations about the “fairer” gender.

Jonathan Kay: Why I ditched my iPhone for Blackberry’s massive new Passport

My iPhone often ended up in a shirt pocket. But that feels awkward with the Passport. In fact, there are a few shirts I own that actually do not permit this without busting the pocket stitching. When I asked my wife to try it with some of her blouses, she couldn’t get the Passport to fit in any of them. Even in my pants, the Passport was an awkward fit. It really only makes sense in a jacket, briefcase or purse. So to state the obvious: This business-oriented phone is hardly the ideal phone for, say, the beach or hiking trail.

This may explain the intensely gendered response I got to my Passport when I was seen using it in public places like Starbucks, McDonalds, Taco Del Mar or office-building elevators. Over the last month, numerous strangers have approached me to ask about the device. They are always men. Many of the women I’ve shown the Passport to — including female colleagues, my wife and her friends — seem vaguely horrified by the thing. Even with two hands, one told me, the Passport feels like something that fell off the bottom of an old fridge. I assure them that they’d get used to it in a few days, if they give it a chance. But the starkly boxy aesthetics scare them off.

(Apparently, this is not a universal response, however: Since the original version of this review went online, several writers have told me that their female friends are indeed interested in the Passport. One woman even reportedly called it “sexy.”)

My first thought was… how many women actually attempt to carry a phone in their blouse? Never seen an iPhone hanging out there. Somehow, I can’t see blaming the Passport for this…

So I’m curious, is there any truth in this ladies? What are your thoughts/experience with the Passport form factor as a daily digital companion?
Practical or not? Is the form factor a deal breaker, or if the Passport is not for you, what is?

Tell us what you think. Does size matter?

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….and here’s my beauty tip… A big phone will make your butt look smaller ;)



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