Does iOS Lead to Short Term Memory Loss?


Okay so maybe this can’t be scientifically proven but many iOS users seem to be suffering from this debilitating ailment.  As you all know and as reported first here at UTB on January 8th, there is talk that BlackBerry may be pushing their next great 10.3.1 update direct and bypassing carriers.

This is great news for many who have had to suffer through the waiting on their carriers, all of whom seem too preoccupied with meeting quotas to avoid large stiff penalties from Apple.  You know the company that truly runs their business.

With all the excitement at this potential wag of the finger at carriers by BlackBerry, the blogosphere has been a buzz.  I decided to peruse around to see what the reaction to this news has been.  Sure enough, the usual suspects are out in full force stating why this is a bad idea and how BlackBerry would  not be able to pull it off.  How there would be so many issues that it just wouldn’t work.  I won’t bore you with quoting them and won’t give them the attention they seek but I will point out what they seem to have forgotten over the last few months.

Remember this from our trusted Biggly on November 22nd: iOS8 Really Is The iPhonian Gift That Keeps on Giving

The iOS 8 horror show doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Just days after Apple released the vital iOS 8.1.1 update, a patch it meticulously tested with developers for over two weeks, a fresh outbreak of complaints and bug reports has occurred.

Or how about this on September 25th? Apple Pulls its Latest iOS Update Due to Dropped Calls

Apple has pulled its latest 8.0.1 software update that was released yesterday due to customer complaints of dropped calls.  This release was supposed to resolve a series of problems that has been plaguing ios users since the ios 8 operating system was released, along with the new flagship iPhone 6 devices to great fanfare just a week ago.

I could keep going but I think  you get the picture.  iOS users after all the hacks, failed updates, bending, bricking, and so on don’t seem to recall any issues and seem to think that only Apple is capable of direct updates.  You know, since nothing ever goes wrong for them and all.

I’m no scientist or doctor but I think its very safe to say that Apple users suffer from a form of short term memory loss that can only be cured by coming #backtoblack.  Hurry up iPhone users, you don’t want to be plagued with this disease for ever.