Does Apple Pay Trust Your Spouse More Than You Do?


Well here is an interesting video that was done by Consumer reports.  Ever since the launch of Apple Pay, Apple has gone through great lengths to promote the security of its mobile payment system.

Consumer Reports’ electronics editor Glenn Derene decided to put their security to the test.  He and his wife both have separate credit cards.  On his wife’s MasterCard, he is not authorized. So it means that he should not be able to make charges on it or even add it to Apple Pay on his smartphone right?  Wrong!!

Not only was he able add his wife’s credit card to Apple Pay on his iPhone 6, but there was not any kind of check or verification done to ensure that he was the authorized owner of that card.  Once that card was added, he was able to successfully use it to purchase food at a McDonald’s.

To prove that it was not an isolated incident, he had a colleague successfully do the same thing with his wife’s credit card.  His colleague’s wife who owned the credit card never received any kind of alert to indicate that her credit card had been charged by an unauthorized person.  Oops!  So much for security and why are we not surprised?

Source: Consumer Reports

If you look at Apple’s record regarding security in just the last year, it has not been very good.  In fact, security breaches have become such a common occurrence that you can’t help but feel sorry for them.


Below are a few breaches that have occurred recently:

and of course more iPhone breaches highlighted by UTB contributor, razrrob in the following article

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