Do You Download Movies From BlackBerry World?

Maybe You Should...
Maybe You Should…

Today I and a colleague were talking to a very enlightened gentleman who has only recently come #BackToBlack from a Samsung. If truth be told, he had to do it for work and at first grumbled that he HAD TO GET A BLACKBERRY – but, as always, has been amazed with the power of his Z30 and just how far advanced it is compared to what he THOUGHT was good.

So, as he wanted to know more, we started going through some stuff for him. How the keyboard works, the Hub, you know, the usual demo of BlackBerry awesomeness and he was even more impressed.

Then he floored us.

‘Do you guys download the Movies? I’m staying at a hotel and I’ve picked up loads for 79p each.’

Now. I admit, I’m no movie buff.

I just haven’t got the time, so I don’t really watch them. But my colleague does and it hadn’t occurred to him, either.

‘What? Where! Show Me!

And since we were somewhere where there was a TV and I had my trusty HDMI cable to hand, we plugged the Z30 in and started to watch The Lone Ranger in glorious HD.

And it was AMAZING.

And since this particular gent is stopping in a hotel all week, we’ve lent him a cable so he can watch all 10 of them as he’s downloaded the lot. I suspect he’ll get himself sorted when he gets home with that or Miracast…

Right now in the UK there’s 10 movies for sale in BlackBerry World, one of them is Frozen, the 2013 Disney film. By shear coincidence later in the day today I was in a store and there was one of those pop up stands with DVD’s in it.

Frozen was for sale for £11.99.

That’s a saving of £11.20.

For the OFFICIAL version!

So, I would humbly suggest that if you are into your Movies that you head to BlackBerry World NOW – I understand in the US there is a 99c sale too but other regions may vary.

And if you haven’t grabbed yourself an HDMI lead or hooked up your BB10 device to your TV via Miracast or WiFi do it asap!

It’s a small price to pay to support BlackBerry…

The BlackBerry World Limited Time 79p/99c Movie Sale!

Oh – and try using an HDMI out on an iPhone!

Where’s that socket again?


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