Do We Need Yet Another Robin Hood?

Needed or not, here’s the trailer for a new Robin Hood movie.

Some stories have just been told enough right? I consider the story of Robin Hood to be one of those stories. We have had action movies, love stories, comedies and cartoons, all about Robin Hood. Apparently, Lionsgate believes there is room for one more.

Today Lionsgate has released a new trailer for yet another movie about the original green clad archer. This time, the movie stars a Kingsman. Taron Egerton dons the hood, and is joined by Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan.

Surprisingly, the trailer looks good. The scenes shared in this first trailer look more like an Assassin’s Creed story than what we expect in this over told story. After seeing this trailer, I can imagine a way in which this movie could be a winner. And that’s by following Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Why Spider-Man? Simply put, there have been numerous tellings of Spider-Man’s story. Through comics, cartoons, and many generations of movies, we’ve all seen Spider-Man’s origin. We’ve seen it enough. Spider-Man: Homecoming did something new and different. It didn’t tell us the origin of Spidey. It just told a good story.

That’s what we need here. We don’t need to see the archery contest. We don’t need a family history of Robin. Just understand that we all know now where Robin Hood came from. We all know about the contest. Just tell us a new story, and don’t bore us with what we’ve seen a hundred times before.

The trailer looks great. When the movie is released on November 21st, I can see myself buying a ticket to this movie. But if there’s an archery contest, I’m out!



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