DJI Says No to Peeping the Olympics

DJI is creating a no-fly zone over the Olympics

If you just happen to be in South Korea and thinking that you may just peep some of the action from your drone, well you’d best think again. South Korea has already announced that any drone that found it’s way flying close to Olympic facilities would be captured. It’s probably safe to say you won’t be getting your drone back either. Additionally, popular drone maker DJI has announced that it would be creating no-fly zones around Olympic areas.

With a software patch being released to the brand’s quadcopters, DJI has created temporary no-fly zones in areas of Pyeongchang, Gangneung, Bongpyeong and Jeongseon. This should keep their drones from causing a nuisance during the Olympics.

“Safety is DJI’s top priority and we’ve always taken proactive steps to educate our customers to operate within the law and where appropriate, implement temporary no-fly zones during major events. We believe this feature will reduce the potential for drone operations that could inadvertently create safety or security concerns,” said the company in a statement.

Let’s hope that the networks that are there covering the Olympics weren’t planning on any spectacular DJI drone footage.

Source: Tech Crunch


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