Disqus was hacked back in 2012, now confirmed.

The comment platform, Disqus, confirmed that back in July 2012 the service were hacked and around of 17.5 million Email accounts compromised. Currently more then 50 Million users comment  on websites using Disqus every month.

The company revealed that only on Friday they were acknowledged about the hack, and they already sent email to the users that might be affected from the hack. The users told to change passwords. The users that Disqus know that were breached, have been sent a force reset for their password. They company did that less then one day after the news come out.

It is interesting to know that only one third of the accounts had passwords since most of users use third party service to login (like google account or Facebook).

Its good to see the fast response from Disqus to keep their users safe as much as they can, and when we look on other breaches, its one of the fastest moves by a company.  Most companies wait days or even longer before they actually act and send emails to users if they ever send at all.

Disqus said that since 2012 they upgraded their encrypted services and they more secure then ever.



Roy Shpitalnik

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