Devs, take note: Priv skin available for Android Virtual Device Manager

Priv by BlackBerry skin in AVD Manager
Priv by BlackBerry skin in AVD Manager

Following the recent release of Priv by BlackBerry, a number of BlackBerry devs are in the process of either creating Android versions of their apps from scratch, or porting their code from BlackBerry to Android. To aid in this endeavour, Devs can now add a Priv skin to AVD Manager (an emulator that simulates real Android hardware for app testing).

There is a fairly complex process involved, but luckily it has been detailed in a BlackBerry forums post, which can be found here.

If you are a BlackBerry dev and have an app that you’re considering rewriting or porting to Android so it will work with the Priv, we suggest reading the instructions thoroughly before you actually install the skin, to ensure that you understand the process involved – and don’t forget to let us know about your app in the comments!

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