Denial is the only river in Cupertino

Once again Apple is in the spotlight – just not in a way their PR machine prefers.

Hopefully by now you are aware that iPhones continue to explode (prior versions have actually exploded on airplanes!) – my only question is why no one holds Apple to the same ethical standard as Samsung. You see when Sammy was beset with exploding phones they did the right thing and recalled them, for whatever reason Apple does not. In addition, Tim Cook has gone on record claiming that Apple is the most secure platform, yet their iCloud remains as porous the Stoke City FC defense.

The latest Apple revelation deals with privacy. Yes, Mr Cook claims that Apple values your privacy, so much so in fact they chose to support the San Bernadino terrorist’s privacy over the safety of U.S. citizens. But enough about talk and continued false claims, let’s deal in reality Mr Cook.

iPhone users have access to an antiquated messaging app called iMessage. Now after all of Mr. Cook’s bravado about security and privacy you would think that iMessage is locked down tight – that the NSA would have to come pleading, hat in hand to Cupertino to get any intelligible and actionable information from Apple. Evidently that’s not the case. Recently it was reported that when you send an iMessage to another user, the date, time, phone number, IP address, and location are stored and readily available to authorities (under proper circumstances) but the actual content of the message is encrypted.

According to the report-

  • Apple makes it very clear that what they are providing is not an indication that a communication actually took place….only that a query was initiated.

  • This query occurs when the target enters a number in iMsg….in the background, the phone queries the Apple servers to determine if the phone number is associated with an Apple device capable of using iMsg (Could be an iPod, iPad or all of them).

  • If the number is associated with an Apple device, the phone will default to using iMsg, if not, it will use SMS.

  • At this time we do not believe that the query occurs every time the user sends an iMsg.

  • The Apple response contains the user’s phone number, IP address, the number that was queried and the date and time the query was made.

  • The response is not real time.


In an EXCLUSIVE, UTB received a video showing the APPLE IT team making sure their phones are protected from future privacy hacks. Enjoy-










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