Democrat Politician’s Racism Claim Appears to be a Hoax

If you tweeted #IStandWithErica, you may just want to have a seat.

It seems that only minutes have passed since the ruckus between President Donald Trump and the four socialist congresswomen who have dubbed themselves “The Squad”. An all too timely accusation has landed on social media from a democratic representitive. A Minority Vice Chair of the Georgia House of Representatives, Erica Thomas, took to social media to tell a story of a “verbal assault”.

She also provided a tearful streamed video.

The story quickly evolved into a movement with it’s very own hashtag. Politicians, media personalities and influencers took to social media with the hashtag #IStandwithErica. Much, if not all, of the talk blamed President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for inciting this brazen racism.

But the story doesn’t end there. Erica Thomas returned to the grocery store with a film crew to speak about the situation. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on if you found yourself standing or not, the man she had her confrontation with had also returned to the store. Apparently he was there to review video, speak to police, and clear his name. The two confronted each other on video.
The man’s name is Eric Sparkes. It turns out that Sparkes is actually Cuban, a Democrat, and a never-Trumper with a long social media past of anti-racism posts.

Sparkes tells a very different story than Thomas.

Sparkes claims she berated him? Could that have actually happened?

So what really happened? Sparkes has an opinion. He states that she is “playing the victim for political purposes”. Meanwhile, Thomas seems to be walking back her original story.

As for what happened on Twitter? Yesterday, before this confrontation took place, the #IstandwithErica hashtag was a top trending topic. Once the confrontation between the two took place, the hashtag disappeared from the trending page, and would not even autopopulate when typing it in to the search. It appears Twitter was promoting the original one sided story, and hiding the story which showed both sides.

For all those on the left who believed that this story was confirmation of their belief that recent rhetoric would somehow create racism, and for all those on the left that feared this was indeed a story of right wing racism, everyone can take a deep breath. It may have been a race-baiting hoax, or it may have been an actual story of racially motivated “verbal assault”. Either way, the actual story is that it was merely two Democrats fighting in a grocery store.


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