Demisto Raise Money, Offer Unique Cyber Platform

Israeli startup based in Tel Aviv and Cupertino, Demisto, now unveil now platform for cyber security that allows their users to manage and defend themselves against intelligence threats.

The company raised $20 million as part of their ongoing goal to expand themselves as the cyber market grows dramatically in the recent year.

One of Demisto management platforms will allow real time cross collaboration between security teams in different companies.

Company CEO is Slavik Markovich that have history in Intel Security team and at McAfee.

“Demisto was built to make security analysts’ lives easier with its combined incident response case management and security orchestration platform, which is unrivaled in the industry. This new funding is a testament to the tremendous and unbelievably fast growth we’ve already experienced, in less than a year since we first launched our product. We are also excited to add security visionary Jay Leek to our Board of Directors, and we will leverage his exceptional leadership and guidance as we grow our business.”

Demisto can be one of the next biggest Cyber solutions and as I see it, BlackBerry can use this kind of platform for their custumers.


Roy Shpitalnik

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