Demand for Priv Showing on Shop BlackBerry


When the Priv by BlackBerry first went up for preorder, the shipping date was set for November 6th. Before the release date of the 6th, the date for new orders was pushed back to November 9th. Today, if you check the Priv page on Shop BlackBerry, the date is now set at November 23rd.

A BlackBerry representative told Mobile Syrup “We’ve begun fulfilling shipments as of November 6, but due to demand we’ve phased shipments and this is for next wave.”

We’ve heard many reports that the Priv is out of stock at many retailers, although word is also that those retailers had limited supply to begin with. It’s still great to see such initial demand for a BlackBerry phone. Have you checked your local retailers? Have you tried to buy and been unable to find a device?


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  • BB Racer !!

    Sell Like Hell BlackBerry that means Giddy Up and get some phones to sell $$$

  • bartron

    Great news. I knew it would sell well, and it’s looking like it will sell even better than I expected.

  • FallingTitan

    Soon I’ll get one!

  • Zensen

    If they could somehow bake in better sharing like BlackBerry 10. I could see myself owning one.

    But that’s just not possible. After all, you still jump in and out of apps. BlackBerry just does that better.

    Guess I have time to think about it ;)