Deja Vu



I feel like I’ve been here before. Wait… I have! A few years ago, waiting in anticipation of the Z10.

It was the unknown and look what it developed into, the best OS to date. I’m hoping and anticipating that something similar will happen here. Don’t get me wrong, I want BlackBerry 10 to move forward, but I am caught up in the excitement of combining the best of two worlds.

I had a Priv, briefly…didn’t give it a chance. Didn’t even keep it long enough to explore some of its features. I regret getting rid of it because now my options are limited. I need a new device. Passport is out because I’m not a fan of square screens and I don’t need a PKB so why waste the space. Classic…again square screen and PKB. That leaves me with a Leap, which is a great phone (I’m typing this on it) but lacks a few of the things I need. NFC for example, or USB otg.

So the phone that would have been perfect for me I passed over because of my stubborn refusal to use Android. This reminds me of colleagues that refused to buy a Z10 because they swore by BBos. They went to iPhone (lmao -now stuck in that quagmire) or Android -at that time  an insecure, data mining os that has not been worked over by BlackBerry at this point).

I went on to BlackBerry 10. Things change, life moves on.

Now we seem to be nearing a similar stage. Don’t get me wrong BB10 HASN’T GONE ANYWHERE. There just seem to be a few changes and adjustments at this point. BlackBerry seems to be exploring the best way to move forward in a very fast moving and competitive market. I’m speaking in terms of technology. BlackBerry 10 is a great OS but for BlackBerry to get ahead of the game they need to make  available to the market what the market will demand in coming years. Be that BlackBerry 10, an advanced BlackBerry 10, or a whole new OS altogether. Trust the company. Think of the dude that swore there will be nothing better than the Bold 9700. Then compare that to the Passport.

Do you want to be using your Classic 5 yrs from now? Would you rather be using cutting edge technology?


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  • fishlove73

    I wanna to be using a device with a native file manager or a file manager that works without raping my data. And isn’t interested in my contacts calendar and location all the time.


    In light of the evident fact that BlackBerry has abandoned BB10 and BB10 phones, the question becomes which phone will be my new talker. I will never own an Android as it is not secure no matter how hard BlackBerry has tried to make it so. I have better things to do with my time than worry about and spend time trying to make sure that my android is secure. My guess is that my next phone will be a windows phone.

    • nnik

      BlackBerry has not abandoned BlackBerry 10 devices….and won’t.
      2) BlackBerry Android is far more secure than any WP will ever be, Windows 10 is designed to invade your privacy and mine your data… which is why they’re pushing it.

  • fahedalderbi

    Thanks nnik in my my opinion I can easily keep my BlackBerry Classic 2 more years and really I don’t see any new developments in hardware in the past 2 years but of course BlackBerry needs to develop and maintain BB10 if they care about it

  • Alan

    5 years from now I will be rocking something BlackBerry has created. BlackBerry is the most Innovative. For now I’m rocking the Passport SE. It surpasses all other phones/mobile computers for my needs.