December Security Update brings Motion apps to KEYone

AAR970 for BlackBerry KeyONE has appeared for some users which is the December Security Patch.

With the update, AAR970 will be replacing update AAQ837, lots of good stuff has shown up that was originally only available on the BlackBerry Motion.

To start with;

1. BlackBerry File Locker is now available for the first time for BlackBerry KeyONE devices. (It was a feature that was previously exclusive for BlackBerry Motion). Taking a picture with space bar will still take a normal picture. However, swiping the fingerprint sensor (the space bar) on the KeyONE while taking a picture will send it straight to the File Locker.

2. Convenience Key Update. In the past, the convenience was mapped to a single function. With this update, the convenience key on the BlackBerry KeyONE will now behave the same was the convenience key on the BlackBerry Motion; where one click on the button, and 3 shortcuts will pop up (reminiscent of the swipe up on home screen button on the Priv).

3. December 6 security updates. Need to say more?

These updates should make December happy and merry for a lot of KeyONE owners with the new additions to productivity based updates. So keep an eye out on the Update app in your BlackBerry devices!

Sound off below when your update drops.