Death Takes A Holiday

Death Is Taking A Holiday

This Just In News gets the most exclusive and elusive interviews thanks to it’s crack intern, Blah 3.  Who did he get an interview with? The Grim Reaper  aka Death himself! Who is doing the interview? It’s not Dave, its our very own Good Doctor. Does he have the will to stare death in the face and ask the tough questions?

One Way Ticket To H E Double Hockey Sticks

Dave believes that the news studio is safe space and won’t allow dangerous people inside. How else can you interview with Grim Reaper without dying yourself? You get a one way ticket to H E Double Sticks via the magic trapdoor. We’re highly resourceful!

Why Does Grim Reaper Want To Take A Holiday?

The Grim Reaper’s job is a 24/7 job. That doesn’t give him time to de-stress or time to enjoy his hobbies. What could possibly be the hobbies that Death could be into? Swimming with sharks? Sword swallowing? Juggling chainsaws? Basket weaving? Death’s hobbies will amaze you as they did the Good Doctor.

Who Takes Over Death’s Job?

Who will fill in for Death when he’s gone on vacation? Tooth fairy? Jack Frost? Possibly the Pillsbury Doughboy? It should be someone who has good judgement and doesn’t question the responsibilities of the job.

Who Would You Like Us To Interview?

We’ve interviewed President Trump to Death himself. Which we think is monumental. Our producer, Murray, keeps booking such great guests but we want to know who you would like to see us grill next.

Blackberry Channel Administrators? UTB Brad? Your annoying neighbor across the street? Tell is in the comments below who you would like to see us interview. Remember, it has to be someone who can handle Dave’s tough and obscure questions. We can’t wait to see who you recommend!


Grim Reaper
The Good Dr Interviews The Grim Reaper