Dear John….


Dear John,

We’re over. We just didn’t see eye to eye. You didn’t respect us. You mocked us. You tricked us making us think we were special for a moment, only to throw us under the bus when you saw an opportunity. You claim to want to give customers choice, and yet you tried to take our choice away.

So we left. Our favored CEO had fired your as…er… butt. And now look at you. Playing the jilted lover. Crying out for us not to leave. It’s embarrassing John… stop. Asking us to bring devices you wouldn’t provide when we asked. Offering us money to stay. Really John, man up. grab some tissues and wipe those eyes.

Just remember, you were a first. The first carrier to get fired by a phone manufacturer. The first carrier to have a manufacturer say, you’re insignificant to us. You know, it may just be that your self fulfilling prophecy is coming true. You claim to be the uncarrier, well, once you have no phones to sell, then yes, you will be the uncarrier.

John, I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, but sadly it wasn’t. Now, it’s time to let go. I will be removing you from my twitter feed. Removing you from my news feeds. Let go John. We have.


Read John’s cries for help here


And just because I felt like it…




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  • Undbiter65

    Time to leave T-Mobile. Just waiting a bit in case AT@T, Verizon or Sprint comes up with some nice offers for us BlackBerry users leaving T-Mobile. Hmmm…..*pensive*

  • CaptainDave

    This is amazing lol

    • Brad

      Dave!! Where ya been?!

  • Red Squircle Samurai

    Dang it all I almost died laughing when I read this. locco_smiley_35

  • Ha ha. Nice Brad. That’s pretty amazing! Isn’t it crazy how connected we all are now!? Social media is so powerful. What a complete 180. I don’t know; I’m thinking Chen could open discussions with TMobile John. We don’t have to win like a jerk. We can be gracious. I’m not sure, it’s just an impulse. I’m not saying TMobile customers should stay, I’m saying Chen could negotiate with TMobile and see what they’re willing to do now. It’s such a small world, no reason to have an “enemy” you don’t need.

    • Canuckvoip

      Although I support your attitude James, I seriously wonder if Legere would or could eat a little crow, man up, and get back to business.

      • You could be right Canuck. I tell you, ego is the downfall of many a leader. Prevents them from recognizing opportunities and threats in the marketplace. Probably had something to do with our co-CEO’s lack of foresight in the early/mid 2000s and is now affecting the TMobile John. Too bad. Big companies can lose market share and start bleeding cash quick!

        • Brad

          I’ve got to agree with Canuck. Even after their iPhone deal backfired on Legere on twitter, he still purposely antagonized BlackBerry users. I don’t think he will come around until he is either losing a lot of money, or BlackBerry is making a lot of money.

  • Just was looking on another site at their take on this issue. They’re trying to be so politically correct!? They’re so neutral, their article is kind of irrelevant.

    • Brad

      Lol! I know what you’re talking about. Their tweet of their article showed up shortly after our tweet of ours. You wouldn’t really know it was the same topic.

      I won’t claim to be a journalist, but I will claim to be a fan. And this news is a win for BlackBerry and an embarrassment to T-Mobile. Might as well report it that way.

      • Hey Brad! No offense, but we already have a shit ton of news outlets, you know? Why would I want to get a politically correct or neutered version of BB related events from a BB user/fan site? I wanna see opinion from a fellow BB fan/user that has some insights!

        But that’s just me and it seems, all the UTB contributors and members; what do we know!? :)

        • Brad

          We know how to be fans. Without having to ask others to be fans for us. :)