Dear BlackBerry… The Trouble Is I Love My Playbook…

Sorry, But It's STILL So Good...
Sorry, But It’s STILL So Good…

Dear BlackBerry,

I know this is old news and I know in some ways you want this to go away but I have a problem.

You see, the problem is that I have fallen in love, all over again with my Playbook.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s a couple of years old now and it was the first itineration of BB10 (BB 8.5?) and I KNOW you have better things to do, like making sure there is a BlackBerry at all, but even now, after all the competitors and all the tech advancements since you made it, it’s STILL one hell of a tablet.

It’s been written off so many times that some of us (me included) believe the hype – and then you switch it on again and you fall in love all over again. It really isn’t difficult to do.

And I know we moan on about how it doesn’t quite do this and doesn’t quite do that and that we were let down by the previous regime who promised BB10 on it and it never came but…

I love the fact that a load of apps I purchased for my BB10 phone are also available on it at no extra cost – thank you!

I love the fact that when I run those games they are lightning fast.

I love the fact that I can give my Playbook to my child and she won’t run up a ton load of ‘in app purchases’. I know she is SAFE and SECURE with no leaks, no data collecting, no weirdos. Although she did decide to reject a phone call on me the other day. Whoops!

I love the fact that the Browser is a demon (yes, I know we moan about that too but it’s still a cracker)

I love the flash support.

I love the fact that my BBM works great. Although I admit I’d like a dark theme (sorry).

I love the fact that as most of my work is in the cloud it STILL works like a charm

I love the fact that the emails on it work brilliantly. Yes, not like the first version of Bridge but they still work great.

I love the fact that I can SMS from it. Who’d have thought that, eh?

I love the fact that apps are still available, I downloaded one yesterday!

And, most of all, I love the fact that, even though we moan an absolute bucket load (only because, like you we see what MIGHT have been and we know it is still within touching distance – you know that more than anyone – you’ve got it there) it STILL works better for what I want it to do than the other heaps of scrap others have put in my hands – years on.

Just one last thing before you leave us with it.

One last pretty please?

If you could just make BBM Groups and Channels work on it over Bridge?

Then I’d be in even more of a PlayBook heaven than I am already.

Cos that would keep me going for ages and I don’t want an iPhonian or Anroidian thingy.

Just long enough until you know you’re safe and I can get another?


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