Dear BlackBerry Classic, Kevin O’Leary Loves You!

Courtesy of BNN
Courtesy of BNN

Love him or hate him Kevin O’Leary, the well known financial guru popularized on such TV shows as “Dragons Den”, and “Shark Tank” gets his point across.

The point he makes about the BlackBerry Classic is (as usual) loud and clear!


Kevin got his BlackBerry Classic on Friday December 12th from a BlackBerry representative to “try out”, and he’s been using it non-stop since. He’s used most all devices made by our favourite company including recent devices such as the Z10, Q10, and Passport. Still however, up until Friday he has relied on his Bold 9900 as a daily driver as you can see in the picture above. He calls it “their best device ever”.

But speaking of the new device, “It’s the first one (Classic) to make me give up my old Bold and move on to the new platform” says O’Leary. This says a lot, and in my opinion is exactly the response John Chen is/was looking for.


He goes on to say “Why didn’t they do this 4 years ago?”, and “They finally got it right!”. Now that may seem a little harsh, but that’s O’Leary for you… Pull no punches.

Additionally, he says that he was watching football with six other financial services guys the other day and when he showed it to them they all wanted one badly!

“The one thing that Apple will never do is be an enterprise product for email” he quips.

I could go on, but you get the drift.

Yes he mentions apps, and being a niche player, but to me that’s just a “today” thing. To this blogger we are on the cusp of seeing something new, and great.

Enjoy the video.


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