dbrand on Nokia, Shots Fired!

I like snarky replies, and it doesn’t get much snarkier than this.

Nokia phones definitely have their fans. I know a person or two that were very excited to see the Nokia brand return to phones. They look like nice phones. They’re no BlackBerry, but a buyer could definitely do worse. Phone skin maker dbrand doesn’t seem to be a fan of the new Nokia devices though.

A user asked a simple enough question of dbrand on Twitter. “When can we see products for the new Nokia android phones?” they asked. It’s a simple enough question, and you’d expect a simple enough answer. You would have expected wrong.

“Check the dumpster behind your local Radio Shack” came the savage reply.

Ouch! Talk about adding insult to injury! The dumpster comment was enough of a burn itself, but making it a dumpster behind a Radio Shack? I wonder if Radio Shack, who had filed bankruptcy a couple of times over the last few years, is even around anymore?

I think it’s safe to assume dbrand has no intention of making those Nokia skins.

Source: GSM Arena


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