Dave Weirdoh Interviews A Supposed Time Traveling Doctor About His Autobiography

A Doctor Who Practices In Time Travel?

This Just In News does interviews that the main stream media doesn’t even dare to do or want to touch. Today, Dave Weirdoh interviews a book author who claims he is a time traveling doctor. Time travel is the pinnacle that scientists having been trying crack and we have someone here who claims to not only cracked it but does it like me and you go to the store and back.

Who Is This Doctor? Where Did He Find Time To Write This Autobiography?

Who is this practicing physician and what kind of medicine requires you to time travel? How does he time travel? Did he steal Doc Brown’s DeLorean? What is his favorite time to visit? Is it coffee and doughnuts break time during the 80’s? When did he find time to write this book?  Did it take him eons or centuries to write this whimsical tale of time travel? And what does Blah 3 know about this book that Dave didn’t gleam from briefly reading the exerts on the back of the book? All this and more will be answered in the video! (If you don’t watch it, you won’t learn the answers.)
Dave will ask the hard hitting questions that FOX News and CNN wouldn’t even dream of asking at all!

Who Would You Like To See Interviewed Next?

Who would you like to see This Just In News interview? Who in their right mind would sit one on one with the award winning news anchor Dave Weirdoh and take on such grilling questions? Should Dave interview Brad from UTB Blogs? Or should he interview the Grim Reaper?
Please put down in the comments below who you would like to see be interviewed and we who can handle Dave Weirdoh’s interviewing tactics!
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