Dave Interviews Santa Claus

Interviewing A Festive Fellow

Interviewing the most surreal characters on the planet is Dave’s specialty. Santa Claus is no exception. People claim he’s just a magical person that parent’s make children believe in so they can give their brats more gifts.

Asking Santa The Most Important Questions

Where is he from and why does he like to give out gifts? Where does he get all the money to buy those toys? But wait what happened to Santa? Blah 3 looks like he has screwed up again!

What Does An 102 Year Old Tree Know?

Apparently¬† Dave gets to interview his Christmas tree that he cut down on his own. It’s not the first time Dave has interviewed an supposed inanimate object. What he learns from his Christmas tree is unreal.

Happy Holidays From This Just In News

Dave, Blah 3, The Good Dr, and The All Seeing Orb would like to say Merry Christmas to our friends here at UTB Blogs and our loyal subscribers. We have a couple specials coming up so watch for them soon!