Dan Dodge retires as QNX CEO

Outgoing QNX CEO, Dan Dodge (Image: LinkedIn.com)

Dan Dodge, founder and CEO of BlackBerry subsidiary QNX will officially relinquish his vice presidency at the end of the year, Canada’s Globe and Mail reported today.
Mr. Dodge has spent the last 35 years working for QNX, and in that time has overseen the company as it’s systems have been built into – among other things – the BlackBerry PlayBook & BlackBerry 10 as well as BlackBerry’s IoT offering, Project Ion.
Along with University of Waterloo classmate Gordon Bell, he created the initial version of the QNX back in 1980, before selling the company to BlackBerry in 2010.
Mr. Dodge will be replaced by John Wall, currently QNX’s Chief Operating Officer. Mr Wall has been with QNX since 2002.

The staff here at UTB would like to take the opportunity to thank Dan for his many years of hard work with QNX – after all, without him and the rest of QNX’s staff, BlackBerry 10 simply wouldn’t exist!

Thanks Dan!

Jon Hunnings

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